Dan Brophy




My experimental electronic works are characterized by destructive and suffocating textures created through the combination of screaming circuits, crushed glass, pieces of metal, tape-destruction, and endless feedback. These tools are used in both their raw forms and as DIY noise-based instruments for both my solo performances and as half of the duos MUGBAIT and porn0noise.

MUGBAIT that guy has tree written on his chest for live electronics and distortion

Released October 2011 on the Ramshackle Day Parade label

Performer’s notes:  MUGBAIT is Dan Brophy and Colin Labadie—an experimental duo based with performances characterized by dense layers of harsh, noisy, slowly evolving sound. Technology is used to a great extent to realize their work; this includes the use of various programming environments for control over signal processing, instrument augmentation, circuit bending, and other forms of DIY electronics. They often collaborate with other artists, including musicians, dancers, visual artists, videographers, dramaturges, and others.

That guy has tree written on his chest was our first full-length CD recorded for the Ramshackle Day Parade label. We recorded the entire album in one take and split it into tracks later based on the textural variations

Dirty Chess for electronics

Performed and recorded by Daniel Brophy and Ruth Guechtal as porn0noise

Performer’s notes:  for this work, Ruth Guechtal and I created an electronic system based on reciprocal feedback that is combined into a make shift chessboard. Each of the chess pieces is connected to the circuits as well the spaces on the board. The chessboard is designed so that each of our instruments affects the other, creating a feedback system that stays barely within our control.

Variation on a Circuit for electronics

Performed by Daniel Brophy

Performer’s notes:  Variations is a set of miniatures based on several circuit designs I was investigating for my thesis work 30 immolated ; 16 returned. The materials for this work are raw and simple, which gives the work a gritty sound such as 2.5 and 5 watt amplifier circuits, a car speaker, several different sizes of capacitors, a piezo microphone, and pieces of copper.

Feedback and Copper for electronics

Performed by Daniel Brophy

Performer’s notes:  Feedback and Copper is based on a series of feedback loops thatinteract and affect one another. The first is an electric guitar connected to a distortion pedal and placed in front of an amp. The second is a piezo microphone attached to a long piece of copper placed on top of the guitar and bent with the hand for different tones.