Dan Brophy


30 immolated ; 16 returned

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Dissecting, cutting, and grinding through the psyche – 30 immolated ; 16 returned are an avant-garde extreme metal band from Hamilton out to spread pain amongst the lower class inbred worms of society. We probe the mind with horrifying sound experiments that combine the brutality of extreme metal, complexity of the avant-garde, and viciousness of power electronics. Personnel:  Dan Brophy - Garotte and Vomit; Ruth Guechtal - Whips and Shreiks; Andrew Brophy - Impalements and Bellows; Dustin Smith - Flayer and Barks

30 immolated ; 16 returned for extreme metal band and live electronics

I - The Antechamber of Hell

The Antechamber of Hell, based on the introduction of the 120 Days of Sodom by The Marquis de Sade, captures the paralyzing fear of the victims as they listen to the speech that describes what they are to expect for the next four months, including their treatment, the attitude expected of them, their location and impossibility of escape, and the extent of the torture to which they are to be exposed.

II - The Circle of Shit

The Circle of Shit is based on “The 150 Simple Passions,” which takes place in the month of November with narrations given by Madame Duclos. The stories and acts of the libertines within this chapter are focused specifically on taboos without penetration (which is why they are considered “simple”), and are dedicated for the most part to defecation, coprophilia, and urination. 

III - Mistress Maggie's Masterpiece

Mistress Maggie’s Masterpiece is based on the third chapter of 120 Days “The 150 Complex Passions” whose narrations relate to incest, child rape, and flagellation, taking place in the month of December.

IV - The Circle of Blood

The Circle of Blood is based on The third chapter in 120 Days of Sodom which takes place in the month of January, with narrations orated by Madame Martaine whose stories belong to the third class, or the criminal passions. The criminal passions focus primarily on sodomy, bestiality, and tortures, with actions stopping short of murder.

The Eternal Hate Machine (Demo) for extreme metal band and live electronics

Released October 2011 on the Threshold Shift Productions label

Performer’s notes:  The Eternal Hate Machine is a five-track demo written between the years 2007 and 08, and recorded several years later. This work is my first attempt at combining the compositional techniques of western art music and the instrumentation and aggression of extreme metal. The lyrics deal with a character who finds himself inexplicably drawn to his darker side, becoming more violent and vengeful until he snaps and begins a bloody killing spree. The work ends with the character accepting and enjoying their fate.